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Dreddit, an EVE Online corporation for users and friends of Reddit. Founding corporation of Test Alliance Please Ignore. To join. CBF. CRF. CRE. RIF. CBF. RF. CBF. CRE. CRE. RIF. RE. CRE. CR. CRE. BF. CE. CRE. REL. CBF. REL. CRE. RE. CRE IL. CRL. CREIL. CRE. CRE. CR. RE. 2D EveMaps Thanks for downloading my 2D Maps. I hope they are of use to you, and that you enjoy using them. If you spot any mistakes, please EveMail me (in.

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You need to get the latest — 2d EveMaps. To change the angle at which you view the map, hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse pointer around.

Ombey’s 2D Eve Maps – EVE General Discussion – EVE Online Forums

Often times a pilot is in space and needs to know where the nearest thing is. Here are some ways the map can help you find things:. I have a hard enough time navagateing as it is must less when the map is all twisted around and i have no idea where systems are at a glance.

Nosha Trading Empire Also there you can switch between the star map and the solar system map. Also you can choose which of the shown objects should have additional information directly displayed and which not.

You should be able to print out dotlan maps which should be similar. Just be aware that the map has a delay, so if you choose ‘Number of pilots in space’, the information you see may not necessarily be current. Jita Park Speakers Corner. Paranoid Loyd Likes received: Don Pera Saissore i think i have seen once a map of all lowsec sistems, was that made by this guy? Here you can set the map to have no tiles, light colored background tiles for more subtle information on sovereigntyor outlined tiles for the clearest picture of what faction holds sovereignty in an area.


Knowing that traffic has gone through recently, whether or not ships and or pods have been destroyed recently, and if there are a lot of active pilots along the route will help give you a feel for whether to chance the travel or not. Every single dot on the map evemapps a system in itself.

You will then be presented with a 3D view of the whole galaxy. The selected object will be shown on the Map along with brief details about it. Othran Route One Likes received: If you find a complex you want to check out, simply right click on the system and choose Set Destination. The search tab allows you to search for a specific system, constellation, or region. These forums have been archived and are now read-only. Content is available under Creative Commons.

Hijo de la Luna This tab allows you to select the objects you want to see in the Solar System Map. As an aside Ombey returned to game recently after years Moksa Elodie Evemaos de la Luna Likes received: Eval B’Stard Edited by: This Control Panel is also where you can modify your evemapps of the map and change your autopilot settings. Ombey’s 2D Eve Maps. Corporations and Alliances Summit. The map can help.

Mik Nostrebor 11 Percent Likes received: The OP did state “Other than the one from Ombey” When we gonna see the 40km and 80km tractor beams? This is where you set options such as how many Region labels you want to see on the Map.


If a route will take a pilot through low sec or 0. I think ihave an old version of the maps forgive me if evwmaps have updated it since.

Star Map – UniWiki

Search EVE-Online forums for: This page was last modified on 2 Aprilat The Stars section lists all the regions and shows what colors each star in that region will display as. Advanced Piloting Techniques Manual Piloting. Views View View source History.

If you set multiple waypoints and want to determine the shortest round trip, this is the place to do it. This also lets you choose to display constellation names, solar system names, and landmark names. Again sorry if you have changed them, im just at work and opening pdf’s eveaps this laptop is painstaking.

EVE General Discussion

Does the current version of the 2d mapsmade by you account for those changes? Features and Ideas Discussion. The new map is called Map Beta. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. I know I know. Is there any similar printable map tool or document being used today?

CCP this is not the nerf you are looking for All artwork, screenshots, characters, evmeaps, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise the intellectual property of CCP hf.

A few monthsback, CCP re-routed some stargates in the forge. You have a terrible memory.