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We are providing AMCAT mock online test sample papers with answers for information and practice purpose only. AMCAT previous papers pdf download. 2 Nov Those candidates who have applied for this Exam are eagerly searching for AMCAT Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions. Generally. We are providing AMCAT mock test series as per the syllabus of Aspiring Minds. Attempt the free Online AMCAT Sample papers to prepare for your upcoming.

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AMCAT Questions from previous papers have been observed to be easy but since it is a time bound test.

Sample Amcat Placement Papers with Answers and Questions

The module assesses the candidates on the various laws, theories and principles governing the various physical phenomena in chemistry. Fuels and furnaces mineral beneficiation Non Ferrous Technology – Iron and steel Metallurgical thermodynamics. The module assesses MBA students on their understanding of basic concepts involved in Operations Management, laying greater emphasis on solutons practical aspects of operations.

Choose the topic of your chat. Data Sufficiency Try our free amcat mock test and get world rankings on your amcat papers with solutions performance.

It is recommended to that you go through the module description and befitting job profiles before you go to take the AMCAT. Stock management Kitchen Organization.

AMCAT Mock Test Sample Papers with Answers

This module evaluates the candidates on their knowledge and understanding of the subject of Telecommunication and its amcat papers with solutions. Rule Based Selection and Locating Information. If for quants any question is solved 10 seconds before i. With how much percentile in aspiring minds question papers with answers can I expect calls from companies?

The module assesses, without bias, how efficiently a candidate can work on excel instead of how well he knows or remembers excel. Hot opportunities – Not amcat papers with solutions be missed! There are AMCAT previous year questions papers available with answers which help you prepare with complete focus by solving will increase your speed to solve questions.


The module focuses on testing a student on theoretical and practical concepts of design, development and implementation of new production processes, information and control systems, computer controlled amcat papers with solutions, assembly and handling. Process engineering and technology Chemical technology.

Statistical survey and presentation of data Measures of central tendency Measures of dispersion Skewness Design of experiments, sampling, amcat papers with solutions error, sampling bias. Managing worksheets and workbooks Pivot table Analyzing and organizing data Basic formulae. Teaching Situational Judgement Test. During the test, you will be given an option to select any two domain specific modules. The module tests candidates on pa;ers basics of Hospitality Industry, various functions of housekeeping ranging from basic cleaning procedures to amcat papers with solutions peripheral activities.

Where can I get the previous AMCAT test papers with solutions? – Quora

Transducers and industrial instrumentation Analytical and optical instrumentation Electronic instrumentation and measurements Control systems and process control. Polymers and composites Computer integrated manufacturing.

Try our free amcat mock test and get world rankings on your test performance.

Flight vehicle structures Stress and strain Structural dynamics. Instruments and measurements Control system. Compare scores with the best candidates online and develop a study and AMCAT preparation pattern to cover maximum practice paper in less duration. Error Identification Sentence Improvement and Construction.

Airplane pzpers Atmosphere Dynamic stability Static stability. The module focuses to assess the candidates knowledge in basics of operating system and computer architecture, computer networks and database concepts.

Signal and systems Communications Fundamentals of network analysis and synthesis. Surface wuth and coating applications Coating defects. Please provide your First Name. Aerothermodynamics of non rotating propulsion components Turbomachinery. The module focuses on testing students understanding amcat papers with solutions the theoretical differences between the various types of service along with its practical aspects.

AMCAT question papers with answers In the above link you can download amcat amcat papers with solutions question papers with answers for all the above included companies and courses.


Principles of methods of cooking Equipments and new developments Safety and sanitation.

Microwave engineering Transmission lines and waveguides Antennas and wave propagation Radar. Excel compulsory only for Management Graduates. Basic pharmacology and therapeutics Drug action on nervous system and endocrine glands Drug action on circulatory system and GI tract. Assets and Liabilities Cost Concepts Inventories. Sample Quants Questions — Note: The module has been designed to check general financial knowledge and its application amcat papers with solutions a graduate in all subject areas that affect a financial managers decisions.

So all the candidates advised to download amcat question acat pattern in here. Reliability and maintenance Operation research Engineering economy and costing. Your choice of modules amcat papers with solutions your visibility for particular kind of jobs, for instance, if you take the Programming Module, you will be visible to more IT companies whereas taking a HR module will soljtions you find HR profiles. Also, some companies like Deloitte shortlists on on the score of 3 compulsory section however, companies like CTS prefer Computer Programming MCQ well scored students too.

Provided below is the list of all the modules that you can take in AMCAT, the broad topics that amcat papers with solutions module would cover, relevant job profiles, number of questions, duration and some sample questions for each module.

Merchandising Inventory Loss prevention Safety. Data Sufficiency practice papers will be adaptive, just like every prep test and ytest in the network. Only the candidates who qualify in this are eligible for further process. AMPI measures five broadbased traits:.