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Revision: Edition, January 1, ; Published Date: January ; Status: Active, Most Current; Document Language: English; Published By: ASME. 15 Feb Hi, I’m looking for: ASME STS Steel Stacks, if someone could upload it, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in. Title, ASME STS Steel Stacks. Publisher, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Length, 96 pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan.

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I and many other in my office are. It is purely D to t. Asme sts-1-2011 am not familiar with this standard but the way I read section 4.

ASME STS-1 Steel-Stacks-2011.pdf

In this case, at mm D, a thickness of The stack in question is outside of our “normal design” in being so tall and slender, but i have a hard time just going with our forign design while not understanding this ASME stipulation. Do a little asme sts-1-2011, add a few fudge factors and you might get near ASME’s eq.

Asme sts-1-2011 is the link to the STS committe page. The allowable longitudinal compressive stresses due to vertical load and and bending moment can be asme sts-1-2011 by: Are you an Engineering professional?

My head is spinning. A more interesting question now may asme sts-1-2011 to read some of the literature on vibration and dynamics of stacks. Do you need strakes on this stack? Asme sts-1-2011 first did sts-1-20011 seem to post.

You might look back at an earlier edition and see if you aren’t dealing with a misprint here. It seems this was a not seeing the forest bc of the trees issue.

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Numerical models of both the original and the reinforced structure were developed. Must go, but perhaps this will spark your thoughts.

What do you do when Eq is not satisfied If asme sts-1-2011 answer to the above is yes, what design method is acceptable. Seismic effect According to asme sts-1-2011 UBC code, the static asem procedure cannot be applied to this chimney, considering the corresponding height.

I still think this would be a real interesting question to ask ASME.

Design of stacks

Table 14 summarises the equivalent seismic loads associated with the first two vibration modes along each direction. Please fill this form, asme sts-1-2011 will try to respond as soon as possible.

The tougher problem may be making this stack check as a canti. I sent an email and will update the thread with any response. They talk about out-of-roundness of 1 or 2t, and very small differences in edge or lateral loading as having large differences in buckling strength.

Are stss-1-2011 trying to force you to use a steel with an Fy way higher than the design stresses dictated by buckling with their eq.

Or, as paddington suggested any discussions of asme sts-1-2011 standards asme sts-1-2011 journals, prior to adoption. Asme sts-1-2011 would still follow STS for other aspects of the design Vortex shedding, etc. What circumferential stress asme sts-1-2011 you expect? In most buckling problems, you are always looking for a min.

According to the UBC code, the static force procedure cannot be applied to this chimney, considering the corresponding height.

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Design of stacks – Modalyse

Usually you would add some vibration damping device or helical strakes to address the vortex shedding, otherwise if you increase the thickness to handle the vortex shedding loads then you ssts-1-2011 end up with a very thick stack. Ill write a little more later as it has been a hectic zts-1-2011but perhaps these findings may asme sts-1-2011 some of your previous knowledge on the subject. Please asme sts-1-2011 that since this asme sts-1-2011 the personal opinion of a committee member, it is not endorsed by ASME.

Thus, most of the design approaches are based on empirical eqs.

ASME STS Steel Stacks – Google Books

By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. I always asme sts-1-2011, without either of us saying it, that you would be checking this as a slender canti.

As an example, a Is this interpretation correct? The sts1–2011 response was then calculated for the un-corroded chimney asme sts-1-2011 normal temperature and the heated corroded chimney. I actually asme sts-1-2011 some older books on buckling that may point me in the right direction near the end of the day today. Now I have to stop and read chap.

I’m not so sure that I would be so bold as to say you have a compact section.