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Indies, by Bartolome de las Casas This eBook is for the use of anyone PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIES ***. “A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas Las Casas was not the only clerical voice that criticized Spanish imperialists. A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Now it is here to sestruction noted that the desolation of these Islands and Provinces happened after the death of Queen Isabel, who deceased in the yearfor before that time few of the Provinces were entrenched upon by any unjust war, or over-flowed with this deluge of devastation; or if any thing was before that time done, it was conceal’d from the knowledge of the Queen, for she was always zealous and solicitous for the safety and prosperity of this poor people.

Of New Spain in particular Among other grand murders of theirs, they committed one more notorious in the City Cholula, which did contain above thirty thousand families.

A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas – Free Ebook

In this Island many things were done worthy observation. This is already found out, and more is daily discovered. But he having received bartolime gift, commanded the Spaniards every one of them to take all many Indians as they pleased, and to keep them for service as long as they should stay there.

They look out a window at the native peoples whose enslavement he denounced. One flame the Roman City now destroys, And shrieks of people made a dismal noise, While Nero sung, and moved with delight, From Tarpey Hill beheld the woeful sight.

And thus from the first entry of the Spaniards into New Spain, which happened upon the tenth day of the month of April, continuing from the eighteenth year until the edstruction, in which space of time are contained twelve years compleat, there hath been no end of the bloody massacres and cruel slaughters of the Spaniards, perpetrated in the continent of Mexico and the parts adjoyning, which contained four or five large Kingdoms, that neither for compass nor fertility gave place to Spain.

On the island of Hispaniola, the Spanish were herding people into a straw building and setting fire to it, burning the occupants alive. They came naked, covering only their secret parts, and at detsruction shoulders hung a little Net wherein they kept their food; and thus while they stooped under their burdens, they lay open to all the cuts and blows of the Spanish weapons.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies

By this intolerable labor, or rather diabolical exercise, they have consumed all the Lucayans, for their particular gain; out of every Indians labour gaining above fifty or a hundred Crowns. However, the mere injustice that occurred with the lives of innocent people was not enough to spur the nobles in Spain to action. His text largely uses an emotionally persuasive argument instead of a logical argument in A Short Account in his effort to convince the King of Spain.


Chapter 11 The Kingdom of Yucatan. Born in Seville, Spain, inBartolome de Las Casas became a loud voice for human rights of America’s indigenous population.

In a word, their covetousness, their ambition, which could not be more in any people under heaven, the riches of the Country, and the patience of the people gave occasion to this their devilish barbarism. Thus not without the great joy of those devout persons, an entry was made, for the bringing of those inhabitants se were remaining in these Countries to the knowledge of Christ; but in the mean while by another way there entered in among them cxsas eighteen Spanish Cazas and twelve footmen, bringing with casae great loads of Idols, which they had brought out of other Countries.

The Captain made answer, that he would not receive them, and that moreover tthe would kill them all unless they would declare whither their Lords were fled: At that time the Indians presented them with several great sums of Gold, doing many other kindnesses for them.

Notwithstanding in former time for number of people, it was the most flourishing place in the whole world. Jago, let us rush in upon them. They lie upon mats, only those who have larger fortunes, lye upon a kind of net which is tied at the four corners, and so fasten’d to the roof, which the Indians in their natural language call Hamecks.

But because it is so irksome to me to rehearse these Bloody acts not of men but of beasts, I will no longer dwell upon them, but go to those things which followed after. Neither were they ashamed to lade and burthen Women with childe, as if they had fhe only beasts for carriage.

Las Casas, “Destruction of the Indies”

However, in he gave up his encomienda and went to Rome where he was ordained a deacon before returning to the Americas. But that very day, as was told me by some lqs were there, they seized upon the King, little suspecting any such matter, setting a guard upon his person of above eighty Soldiers: Inxies the Provinces of the Country of Florida Into these Countries there went two several Tyrants at several times, from the year Are you not bound to love them as you love yourselves?

This was his employment, from the year Now to come to the Continent, we are confident, and dare affirm upon our own knowledge, that there were ten Kingdoms of as large an extent as the Off of Spain, joining to it both Aragon, and Portugal, containing above a thousand miles every one of then in compass, which the inhumane and abominable villanies of the Spaniards have made a wilderness of, being now as it were stript of all their people, and made bare of all their inhabitants, though it were a place formerly possessed by vast and infinite numbers of men; And we dare confidently aver, that for those Forty years, wherein the Spaniards exercised their abominable cruelties, and detestable tyrannies in those parts, that there have innocently perish’d above Indie millions of souls, women and children being numbered in this sad and fatal list; moreover I do verily believe that I should speak within compass, destduction I say that above Fifty millions were consumed in this Massacre.


To these quiet Lambs, endued with such blessed qualities, came the Spaniards like most cruel Tigres, Wolves, and Lions, enrag’d with a sharp and ferocious hunger; for these forty years past, minding nothing else but the slaughter of these unfortunate wretches, whom with divers kinds of torments neither seen nor heard of before, they have so cruelly and inhumanely butchered, that of three millions of people which Hispaniola it self did contain, there are left remaining alive scarce three hundred persons.

Another butchery was by them committed in the City of Tepeaca, which was a much larger City then the former.

A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas

The men they killed only for their hands and feet, for those they accounted dainties. Once entering into a certain Village, they were with great joy and exultation received by the Spaniards, who gave them provision till they were satisfied, allowing them also six hundred Indians to carry their burdens, and to look to their horses.

Christian missionaries such as De Las Casas were also present and did their best to try to bring justice to the lands. The name of the King that there ruled was Guacanagari, under whom there were many other potent Lords, some of whom I knew: This people because their Country was all plain and level, had not the shelter of the Mountains, neither could they be easily persuaded to leave it, so pleasant was their habitation.

But for all that their chief Lord and Governor carried in a Litter came forth to meet him with Drums and Trumpets, and great joy; attended by many of the Nobles of the City of Utlacan the greatest Mart Town of that Kingdome, where they gave him provisions in abundance, with all that he could desire.

Coming to the entry of the City, there stood the King himself with all his attendants, who being carried in a golden Litter accompanied them to the Palace which was prepared for them. At the same time I arriv’d at this Island, where I saw this tyrant, and was told the relation of what he had done.

Martha, out of which it is manifest, what strange things have been committed, and are daily committed by them. In which regions the said Governor gave liberty to all the Spaniards, especially to his Stewards and Officers, to exercise what tortures they pleased upon the Indians to draw out of them the knowledge where their treasure lay.