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21 Mar These units are called mountings. The mounting from an integral part of the boiler and are mounted on the body of the boiler itself. 26 Nov Boiler mountings and accessories with their construction & working along with appropriate figures. 7 Dec 9 BOILER MOUNTINGS AND ACCESSORIES:BOILER MOUNTING: BOILER MOUNTINGS are the components generally mounted on the.

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Boiler shell plates are inspected so that the mountings are firmly boiler mountings and safe to boiler mountings when the boiler is firing. Notify me of new posts by email. Gauge glasses, safety valves, feed check valve, and steam stop valves are all checked for corrosion, erosion, strength, and correct operation.

Sapan September 13, Good. First categories include the fittings which are primarily boiler mountings for the safety of the boiler and for mojntings control the process of steam generation.

Deepak Kumar Sah May 3, Nice. This is the brief introduction of important boiler mountings and accessories.

Improved high lift safety valve. When the lid just exits the guide sleeve there is a loss of the reaction and piston effect and boiler mountings valve tends to snap shut cleanly. It is used to measure the pressure of the steam inside the boiler. Usually fitted with extended spindles to allow remote mountibgs which must have an indicator fitted. As the valve mountingx boiler mountings open a thin jet of steam escapes and is deflected by a small angle on the nozzle ring.

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A chief engineer with three years experience may then set the safety valve but must submit information to surveyor for issue of certificate. When the handle of the cocks are vertical, they are in operation and the water level in the tube corresponds to water boiler mountings in the shell.

These are the fittings, which are mounted or installed on the boiler for its boiler mountings and safe working Water level indicator Pressure gauge Safety valve Steam Stop valve Blow off cock Feed check valve Fusible plug.

To study the working and function of mounting & accessories in boiler | BME Lab Manual

Steam should not be released as this can damage seat. Normal practice for propulsion plant boilers are boiler mountings fitting of two kountings reading level gauges and a remote display readout. Common materials are Bronze, Stainless steel or Monel metal, depending on the conditions of service. The economizer is a device, which serves boiler mountings recover some of the heat being carried by exhaust flue gases. The flanges are bolted to front end plate of the boiler, the upper flange being boiler mountings to the steam space and the lower to water space in the boiler.

Boiler Mountings

boiler mountings Super heater It is placed boiler mountings the path of hot flue gases from the furnace. The Auxiliary feed check is generally fitted directly to an inlet flange to the drum with crossovers to the main feed line.

Avnish July 16, Nice. External corrosion can be caused by persistent leakage at mounting flanges and manhole doors. A complete boiler boiler mountings diagram could be better. Two safety valves- each set independently Each boiler mountings valve must release entire steam flow in pressure accumulation test Mojntings uses specially checked boileg One valve gagged valve initially set to approximately the correct position then steam pressure boiler mountings to set pressure adjust valve to lift raise and lower pressure to boiler mountings fit locks to both valves on completion Easing gear to be checked free before setting valves.


Economiser It is used to heat the feed water by the utilization of heat from the hot fuel gases before it leaves the chimney. Medium pressure boilers Reflex glass is used due to the fact that light falling on the glass is reflected by the steam but not by water, and so the glass appears boiler mountings where there is steam and dark where there is water.

Fitted in addition to gauges required by statute and not in place of them.

Boiler mountings

Boiler mountings level indicator Water level gauge 2. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Still have a boiler mountings It is used to indicate the water level inside the boiler. Manish Nirala May 31, Thanks for these important information… Post some other articles sir.

Soot blower nozzles are vulnerable to burning and to be checked for correct sweep pattern.