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Bagi yg ingin memesan bibit silahkan di inbox aj Preparation of seeds spread. The tank, which is ready, will have a similar quality to a ricefield.

The system of raising eels cal also be made environment-friendly. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Praktis Budidaya Belut APK

Silkworm pupae, if available locally, is an excellent food for the eels. Many farmers are raising this species for food. Eels are long snake-like fishes with a smooth slimy scaleless skin. Allow the materials to decompose for about a week. Ternak belut RIAU updated their cover photo. And to wait for the seed to come for vitamins to grow as much plankton as possible, from Green Bean Flour, soy and rice mixed coconut water. The trays should be designed in such a way that there is minimum or no spilling of the food in the water.

Feeding Feeding is done at night because of eel animal eel night PF.


Rice fields eels, once introduced into the rice fields, can serve as predator against golden snails which have become a pest in some Asian countries, particularly the Philippines and Vietnam. The eels in rice fields budodaya reduce the amount of insect pests thus increasing the rice production.

Layer half of the tank lengthwise. Use only mud from the pond in case of a nursery pond until the hatchings develop into fingerlings. Maintain proper feeding levels throughout the culture period.

Harvesting and Transporting Harvest according to the needs of the market and the growth of eels. The morning is open buidaya it smells like a rotten tape means fermentation is already.

Budidaya BELUT for Android – APK Download

Creation creation Prepare Fertilizer Cage Size 1 Package about 50 kg fertilizer cage, mix with protein 10 close bottle that dissolved in water 1 Bucket, input bran for starter 5 KG, mix all ingredients and diulet tenacious to flatwrap up plastic meetings don’t get the sunlight shut up for last night. Live earthworms can be budidqya directly to the fish. Notify me of new posts via email.

Harvest partially or completely. Sections of this page. Belut merupakan usaha yg sangat menjanjikan.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Beluh albus is a progynus female first species. It is therefore recommended to raise eels only in cemented tanks and not let them get into natural systems. The tank should be leak-proof with an outlet at the bottom. The feeding trays should be removed a couple of hours after each feeding. The ones that are below 40 cm are females and those above 60 cm are males.


This treatment aims to make new seeds quickly adapt to the new environment and if eel seeds carry budidyaa seeds, usually the virus virus and the dead eel seeds immediately remove so that the virus does not spread. Seiring dengan semakin menipisnya persediaan beout dr alam dan berbanding terbalik dgn permintaan pasar akan belut yg semakin meningkat,maka kami berinisiatif untuk membudidayakanya Eel Pond The size of the eel pond is customized with the qty of the ordered package Eel Pond can be permanent bricks, batako or non permanent Bwlut, Bamboo Try to be free from predators like snakes, cats etc 2.

Eel culture can be done with a minimum investment, using locally available and cheap resources.

The plants will provide shelter for the eels from direct sunlight and also act as a hiding place. Repeat this process every week for days until no more froth appears.