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: Clairvoyance (): C. W. Leadbeater: Books. Clairvoyance and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. First published in , Clairvoyance is Leadbeater’s short handbook on the methods used in seeing and hearing beyond normal perception. Humans can only. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is a Theosophical manual of the phenomena of Clairvoyance, the mental viewing of things far removed in space and/or time.

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Before that came; we had to wait a long time for the procession.

Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery. In one of them the mother, when dying in Egypt, appears to her children at Torquay, and is clearly seen in broad daylight by all five of the children and also by the nurse-maid. But it must be to you the highest, that which will evoke in you the greatest feeling of reverence, love and devotion that you are capable of experiencing. But the world needs helpers possessed of these powers, and it is among Theosophical students that we may reasonably expect to find them.

The Catholic might take the Blessed Virgin or some patron saint; the ordinary Christian would probably take the Christ; the Hindu would perhaps choose Krishna, and the Buddhist most likely the Lord Buddha himself.

Now supposing that in addition to this he obtained the sight of the astral plane, what further changes would be observable? We cannot see beyond a certain distance, because the medium through which we are looking is not perfectly transparent. It is very important that this concentration should be done without strain to the body.

Baillie, and he undeniably was. Indeed this is to a large extent possible to him even without the necessity of moving the astral body at all, as we shall presently see.


It was one of the most wonderful manifestations in the way of occult force that I ever saw. The figures at which he is looking will appear to him as of life-size and close at hand, instead of tiny and at a distance, as in the previous case; and he will find it possible to shift his point of view if he wishes to do so.

This is simply a higher and, as it were, glorified form of the last type. There was no unity, as is always the case with any crowd anywhere. On this subject Mrs. If you prefer it, you can take some moral quality, as is advised by the Catholic Church when it prescribes this exercise. One of these has developed astral sight simply by steadily raising the capacity of the physical brain until it contained the possibility of grasping astral form, and thus awakening the latent astral faculty proper.

But the hysterical and ill-regulated psychism of which we see so many lamentable examples is due to the small development of the brain and the dominance of the sympathetic system.

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Clairvoyance by ater

While they last they are capable of entering into any mind that happens to come their way, and so it comes that as we walk along the road we leave a trail of feeble thought behind us, and the next man who passes that way finds these valueless fragments intruding themselves upon his consciousness. Concentration is requisite, that attention may be given to the chosen object, not clairoyance the restless activity of the lower vehicles. Instead of turning over a quality in your mind, take the highest spiritual ideal that you know.

One of these is that they leave the man in a passive condition, able clairvohance to use his higher senses, but with very little choice as to how he shall employ them, and to a large extent undefended against any unpleasant or evil influence which he may happen to encounter.

We have only so to deal with ourselves that His light shall shine through.

Miss Baillie’s brother, a young athlete, laughed at these experiments, took the ball into the study, and came back looking ‘gey gash’. He admitted that he had seen a vision – somebody he knew under a lamp.

They appear to be connected with the sympathetic system, not with the cerebro-spinal. If that line of effort commends itself only to the few, our second method is of universal application. This is the most emphatic declaration that the spirit of the writer is capable of transferring itself into another state of existence, is not only real, clear, simple, but that it is also infinite in vision and eternal in duration. The Central African medicine-man or witch doctor and some of the Tartar Shamans are good examples of the type.

Whether the man were living or recently dead would make no difference at all, and clairvoyance of the fifth class could at once find him even among the countless millions in the heaven-world, though in that case the man himself would be unconscious that he was under observation.


The art of acquiring perfect concentration is a slow process, and most of us are only in process of leadbexter it. The consciousness of the man is, in fact, distinctly still at this end of the line. As the cerebro-spinal system develops, and the brain becomes more highly evolved, the sympathetic system subsides into a subordinate position, and the sensitiveness to psychic vibrations is dominated by the stronger and more active vibrations of the higher nervous system.

She sat up in bed and looked steadfastly on the apparition.

Clairvoyance by C. W. Leadbeater – Free Ebook

It needs to be set free by the temporary suspension of the outer senses in the mesmeric trance before it can use the diviner faculties which are but just beginning to dlairvoyance within it.

Having listened to her story he begged her to excuse him for a while, when he would bring her the intelligence she required. But go on working at your contemplation, and presently that glorious moment will come again and yet again; and each time it will stay with you longer, till there comes a period when that higher life is yours always, no longer a flash or a glimpse of paradise, but a steady glow, a new and never-ceasing marvel every day of your existence. lewdbeater

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Indeed, in every way his power and freedom are far greater when he uses this method than they have been in any of the previous cases. But remember always that to attain success, this effort must be only one side of a general development, and that it is absolutely prerequisite for the man who would learn its secrets to live a pure and altruistic life.

Those who have only one instance of clairvoyance to report in the whole of heir lives are a difficult band to classify at all exhaustively, because of the great variety of the contributory circumstances.

A good example of the full possession of this power is given, on the authority of the German writer Jung Stilling, by Mrs. Contemplation has been defined as concentration at the top end of your line of thought or meditation. A wandering mind in such a group constitutes a break in the current. In so small a work as this I have no space for that; such people must study the many books containing lists of cases, or make experiments for themselves along mesmeric lines.

There are many people for whom this type of clairvoyance is very much facilitated if they have at hand some physical object which can be used as a starting-point for their astral tube – a convenient focus for their will-power.

Clairvoyance, it seems, can do many powerful things, but mostly it just provides convenient revelations at unpredictable times. It is often asked whether under these circumstances a man sees always with this abnormal sight, or only when he wishes o do so.

You cannot reach them in the physical body, and you might not even know them if it should happen to you to see them. It is no doubt a touching example of our humility, but there is a humility that sometimes actually hinders progress. It is stated in the case of one of the most celebrated of those oracles of ancient days, the priestess sat always upon a tripod over a crack in the rock, out of which vapour ascended.

Much of the content was related to astral travel than the ability to see The nearest to what is really meant by meditation would be to hold the mind firmly upon our own image of Him, if we are able to construct a good strong thought-image.

So will he draw round him pure and helpful entities as he moves onward, and will himself radiate sunlight on those in suffering or in sorrow.