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Forms 6i Interview Questions – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text Malinda_Oracle Report 6i Tutorials 1 . Interview Questions for Oracle D2K. This tutorial introduces the Oracle Developer and 6i suite of tools which include Oracle Forms , Oracle Reports , Oracle Graphics , Oracle Schema. Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Reports Developer. Guidelines for Building Applications. Release 6i. January, Part No. A

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Below is an example of the Alert in action: A local return from the procedure to the trigger.

Create a new Report using the wizard. Menu modules – Like form modules, a menu module can contain its own items menus and menu items tutogial, program units and other objects. The basic command button object contains properties for the button Label the text provided on the button itself.

QUERY_PARAMETER built-in Oracle D2k / Oracle Forms 6i / 10g

By default, forms also gives a button bar and a menu. These values become part of the query that is submitted to the database on behalf of the user. A remote access from the procedure to the database passing a Fofms query. Use the Form layout and only display one record at a time. To specify all columns, click on the double right arrow to bring all of the Available Fields to the Displayed Fields side.


In particular, the programs may be grouped under different menus. The wizard can construct the relationship based on table level constraints it learns from the database schema. As a review, here are a few basic functions that can be performed d22k default in any Form: The next step is to specify the query that will form the basis of the report.

FMX form module an. Deletes the master record and automatically deletes any associated detail records. More than one menu can be open at a time. However, in may cases, the user would first like to see if there are any records in the database. Notice at the bottom of the form, a message appears: Creating and Running a Form with a Single Block In this section, the basic steps for creating a basic data entry and query form for a single database table will be covered.

A form is built up using one or more data blocks that correspond to tables in the database.

In this final step, the LOV is returning some columns and they were assigned to fields on the form in a previous step. Apply the Department data block to a new canvas.


QUERY_PARAMETER built-in Oracle D2k / Oracle Forms 6i / 10g | Fox Infotech

Relation Type – The type of the relation: To add a new sub-menu or menu item, click on the Build Down icon on the toolbar: The name of the column should move over to the right hand side. Button 1 Leave all of the other properties with their defaults and close the Property palette.

This is reasonable since it is highly unlikely an organization will ever have more than departments. Once the user makes a selection from the list, the value or values are returned to the form and placed in the appropriate fields. To set up an Alert: In this example, the SQL Query in steps 2 and 3 does not return a significant amount of data.

Filed under Oracle Forms. In either case, the Object Navigator will appear. This form contains a single data block corresponding to a single database table. A List of Values is based on a Record Group.