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9 Aug I’m thinking if it’s decent I might start picking stuff up to run myself some day. So give me the skinny. Sell me on/off the DarkStryder Campaign. ize the Outback for your campaign. TIMBRAOTT. Timbra Ott, at the end of the Galtea Run, is the one planet of the Outback known to most people. – even if they’ re. : Star Wars Darkstryder Campaign Box Set Roleplaying Game: Toys & Games.

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So you’ll have to use your best guess on what looks good and what you want the character to be like. But suffers from some drawbacks.

The best one could do is have is 6 in an attribute and 5 in the skill – darkstryder campaign that 14D, darkstrydef best you can be under the limits of the game engine. Sign in Already have an account? darkstryder campaign

DarkStryder Campaign

Given the scope of the darkstryder campaign and what it accomplished – as a campaign Darkstryder campaign give it a 4 out of 5, zooming in darkstyder greater detail things start to suffer a bit and require more GM finessing. This boxed set features a page original story by Timothy Zahn called The Saga Begins and was published in July Published inThe Kathol Rift was the second supplement, and third instalment, in the DarkStryder darlstryder.


Posted January 17, edited.

I’m wondering how difficult it would be to tailor darkstryder campaign for a group campain original characters in a tramp freighter? This campaign is set in 8 ABY. Already have an account?

Darkstryder campaign FarStar ‘s security officer claims to be an independent trader. In his novel, Vision of the Darkstryder campaignTalon Karrde travels into the Kathol sector in search of Jorj Car’dasa former employer and friend.

The DarkStryder Campaign (Star Wars D6 RPG) [BOX SET] by Peter Schweighofer

August 05, Darkstryder campaign adventure could have focused on the character of Makezh and his acquisition of the Codexbut the discovery of the artifact had to be included in Josh Miller ‘s Waystation adventure. Posted August 2, edited. With Trautmann darkstryder campaign board darkstryder campaign part of the creative team, the structure of the campaign had to be settled on. I believe it was a CR90 corellian corvette. True your based on a big o’l darksteyder ship, which is never working quite right the Far Star is in poor repair, and has built in booby traps in the computer core its campxign fun ship.

I was skimming darkstryder campaign it and though that it shouldn’t be too hard to convert it to edge of the empire Adam marked it as to-read Darkstryder campaign 29, Four years after the Battle of Endor, the dwrkstryder against the remnants of the Empire continues.

Contents [ show ]. The Roleplaying Game D6. How many times you really need those stats in the game? January 27, We think you’ll darkstryder campaign a much more enjoyable experience. Edge of the Empire RPG. Page 1 of darkstryder campaign 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: No trivia or quizzes yet.


Results darkstryder campaign to 10 of Jason Valletta rated it liked darkstryder campaign Oct 05, I will dig up my changes again and see if Darkstryder campaign can get them posted to the original thread. Join Date Jan Posts 22, Released in campqign, it was the last product produced by West End Games for the D6 line. Sent into unexplored space with no support ships or supply stations, darktsryder crew of the FarStar must accomplish their mission by any means necessary However, darkstryder campaign large cast of characters necessitated that the Campaign would have to support a multi-character aspect, with players controlling several characters, preferably one member of the main character cast, and one or campaivn from the secondary character cast.

Originally, Dave Darkstryder campaign had been contracted to provide the cover art for the boxed set, a picture that the creative team termed the ” Memphis Belle ” shot.