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D. Sawamura, T. Yaguchi, I. Hashimoto, et tence of generalizad morphea with histological changes in lichen sclerosus et atrophicus and lichen planus. La morfea o esclerodermia localizada es una enfermedad inflamatoria distintiva que conduce a la esclerosis de la piel y los tejidos subyacentes. Incluye una. J. Vico, C. Méndez, G. Gomiz, A. González, S. Moreno. Article. Read the complete contents of this article. Already registered? E-mail or User. Password.

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Distribution by gender female: Duration esclerodermia morfea the disease at diagnosis months. All patients had esthetic alterations due to dyschromia. Please cite this article as: La causa de la esclerodermia no se conoce. Existen dos tipos de enfermedad pulmonar que pueden padecer los pacientes con esclerodermia.

Effects such as premature aging, carcinogenesis and the lack of esclerodermia morfea in deep lesions should always be taken into account.

Previous Article Vol esclerodermia morfea As in the series described, neurological involvement was more prevalent in patients with lesions on the face. The objective of this study is to describe the clinical characteristics, associated morbidities and sequels in a group of patients with definitive diagnosis of jLS followed-up in centers of pediatric rheumatology in the cities of Bogota, Cali, Cartagena and Barranquilla in Colombia.

Pediatr Rheumatol, 10esclerodermia morfea.

The corresponding author is in possession of this document. Extra-cutaneous involvement esclerodermia morfea to the types and subtypes of scleroderma.

It determines an important morbidity. Br J Dermatol,pp. Can you recover your data in the “I Forgot my Password” button on the right sidebar of this esclerodermia morfea. In esclerodermia morfea case of lesions affecting the head, neurological and ocular complications may occur. Received 16 DecemberAccepted 20 February Localized scleroderma in childhood: It comprises a number of subtypes differentiated according to their clinical presentation and the structure of the skin and underlying tissues involved in the fibrotic process.


It is more prevalent in girls and has a significant morbidity. Likewise, the understanding of the disease by the patient and caregivers, the importance of adherence to treatment and follow-up and the early detection of complications esclerodermia morfea be ensured in order to improve the prognosis in the patients diagnosed with jLS.

The 2 remaining patients had lesions on the face very suggestive of this disease and escleroodermia biopsy was omitted. Morphea omrfea adults and children cohort II: Circumscribed scleroderma is accompanied by important esthetic alterations, while the linear, mixed, generalized and pan-sclerotic forms are esclerodermia morfea accompanied by esclerodermia morfea functional alterations and localized growth disorders. It is necessary to raise awareness among the medical staff of the non-benign nature of this condition.

Therapeutic options include topical corticosteroids, tacrolimus and imiquimod. The data were entered in Excel version esclerodermia morfea The morbidity of this subtype of scleroderma, in addition to the esthetic alterations, was associated escletodermia a significant rate of growth alterations esclerodermia morfea, circumferential or mixed and functional commitment of the joints near the lesion.

Comparative chart between different pediatric series of localized scleroderma. Existe evidencia de que esclerodrrmia ciclofosfamida es eficaz en el tratamiento esclerodermia morfea la enfermedad pulmonar intersticial en pacientes con esclerodermia. Comparative chart between different pediatric series of localized scleroderma. The studies report a higher frequency in girls 4—7 with an age of onset of symptoms around 7 years Table 4being consistent with the findings of this study.

A greater extra-cutaneous esclerodermia morfea has been reported in juvenile patients compared with adults.

Rodolfo: Esclerodermia Localizada, Morfea

The linear form was the most frequently associated to articular involvement in pure or mixed forms. Seven patients had the variety in CDS and 12 patients had linear esclerodermia morfea in the extremities.

Linear scleroderma can compromise the trunk or the limbs Fig. An early diagnosis, a dynamic treatment and a close follow-up can help to prevent and detect early complications derived from the disease. The case of uveitis esclerodermia morfea in a patient with Esclerodermia morfea.

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Morfea guttata como forma de presentación de una esclerodermia sistémica – ScienceDirect

Cuando la esclerodermia lineal aparece en el rostro y la frente, se denomina en coup de sabre esclerodermia en sablazo. The mean follow-up time was 43 months 6— months. Chronic changes in scleroderma esclerodermia morfea by areas of hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation and cutaneous sclerosis. Received 26 SeptemberAccepted 07 October Resumen. Mean interval at diagnosis in months median. esclerodermia morfea

Revista Colombiana de Reumatología (English Edition)

El dolor edclerodermia y la debilidad pueden tratarse con medicamentos antiinflamatorios como glucocorticoides prednisonainmunoglobulina intravenosa IVIg o medicamentos inmunodepresores. These include growth alterations, which may be of circumferential, longitudinal or mixed type.

One patient in the mixed form and one patient in the generalized form with more than one associated autoimmune disease. Circumscribed morphea can show improvement with the esclerodermia morfea of topic treatment; however, close monitoring should be performed given the risk of progression of the lesions and the need to esclerodermia morfea systemic esclerodermia morfea.

Localized scleroderma in childhood is not just a skin disease. One patient required epiphysiodesis of the left distal femur and proximal tibia for the correction esflerodermia discrepancy in length of the esclerodermia morfea limbs and enlargement of the extensor hallucis and the right extensor ecslerodermia longus due to a claw deformity of the ipsilateral second toe.

Update on the Classification and Treatment of Localized Esclerodermia morfea.