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ISO 16933 PDF

1 Jul ISO (E). PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file may. 21 Jun Purchase your copy of ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available. In ISO and ISO more sophisticated hazard criteria were adopted. Finally, these standards allow a classification into hazard levels with.

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In isl true, free-field explosion, as the energy of the expanding gases becomes dissipated, so their momentum falls and they begin to contract. If the reaction structure is oriented perpendicular to the line of the detonation point, the face of the reaction structure should not be less than 2,4 m wide x 2,4 m high.

The equivalence factors for explosives vary with charge size, standoff and test conditions. The data-acquisition system shall operate at a minimum sampling rate of samples per second a sampling interval of 0,01 ms with a rise-time sensitivity response to peak pressure of 10 us. Table 1 — Hazard-rating criteria for arena tests Hazard rating Hazard-rating description Definition A No break The glazing is observed not to fracture 169333 there is no visible damage to the glazing system.

Design based on knowledge of the air-blast resistance reduces the risk of personal injury. For example, the positive phase impulse, 7 posmay be denoted I c where it denotes the classification impulse or 7 t where it denotes the impulse calculated from the measured test values. Glazing dust and slivers, fragments smaller than the particles defined in 3. The tests were undertaken during calibration in preparation of European Standards.

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This information is given for the convenience of users of ISO and does not constitute an isi by ISO of 19633 product. Therefore this version remains current. The blast, in particular the impulse, experienced on the face of a test frame is a function of its size. 1633 free-air equivalence factors, k pk x and k, for common military explosives are given in Table B. Classification and ratings are assigned based on the performance of glazing loaded by air-blast pressures and impulses and are specific to the blast characteristics under which the test takes place.

Glazing dust and slivers are all other smaller particles. All pressure transducers shall be attached to the data-acquisition system and tested prior to the blast to verify proper operation. The apparent condition of the test specimens shall be recorded.

Standard Number ISO It shall be determined and noted whether or not any breakage or rupture of the inside surface has occurred. The second is intended for use with glazing designed to protect against smaller hand- carried satchel bombs.

Arena test classifications and effects are compared with those of the shock tube test classifications as in Reference [2].

Customers who bought this product also bought ISO For the purpose of this Ethiopian Standardthe adopted text shall be modified as follows.

ISO 16933:2007

Generally, an average value is used for the equivalence factor, k, from which the equivalent mass of the explosive is calculated. They relate to charges placed at a height, to mid-point, of up to about 1,2 m iwo a hard surface extending between the charge and the target.


The witness panels shall be carefully inspected for the presence of perforations isk indents resulting from the blast. Classification and ratings are assigned based on the performance of glazing loaded by air-blast pressures and impulses, and are specific to the blast characteristics under which the test takes place.

For further information on assessing the blast relative to the size of the reaction structure, tests, criteria and effects on glazing, see Reference [8]. A similar assessment should be carried oso for the satchel-bomb blast, measured within the tolerance requirements given in 8. Different subscripts may be used for the blast parameters. Test and classification for arena air-blast loading.

The high explosive shall then be armed in a manner to ios safety of personnel in the event of accidental discharge of the explosive during the arming procedure. Glazing dust, slivers and all other smaller particles are not accounted as fragments. All pressure transducers shall be capable of defining the anticipated air-blast pressure history within the linear range of the transducer. The free-air equivalent mass of a particular explosive is the mass of the standard explosive TNT required to produce a selected shock-wave parameter of magnitude equal to that produced by a unit mass of the explosive in question.