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Mitsubishi E Variable frequency drive (VFD) Instruction Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. This Instruction Manual provides instructions for advanced use of the FR-E series inverters. Incorrect. Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. This Instruction Manual (basic) is intended for users who “just want to run the inverter”. If you are going to utilize.

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Adjust the output torque current of the motor Parameter Selection method of general-purpose magnetic flux vector control Perform secure wiring.

When making measurement with the me- ters designed for commercial frequency, use the following measuring instruments and circuits: Check point heck that the frequency of using mitsubishi e700 inverter manual brake is proper.

Incorrect handling might cause an unexpected fault. FR-E EC 7 – Switch to the network operation mode from the network. Selection of operation mode and operation location Parameter Switching of operation mode by external terminal X65, X66 When Pr.

Do not change the Pr. Inverter may be damaged. If “star connection” is mistaken for “delta connection” or vice versa during setting of Pr. Undertightening can cause mitsubishi e700 inverter manual disconnection or malfunction. Parameter Write Selection pr. What is offline auto tuning?

Monitor display and monitor output signals Parameter Cumulative energizing power monitor and clear Pr. Page 93 Turn the digital dial clockwise to change it to the setting value of “10”.


Note that the setting change is reflected after the inverter has stopped. Use Mitsubishi e700 inverter manual Digital Dial Like A Potentiometer To Perform Operation Independently of whether the inverter is running or at a stop, the frequency can be set by merely turning the digital dial.


Also available for the network operation mode. If power-failure deceleration operation is set, some loads may cause the inverter to trip and the motor to coast.

Check even, odd or no check can be selected Pr.

By manhal “0”, the output terminal turns off on for sink logic. If parameter copy is performed from mitsubishi e700 inverter manual power input specification model to three- phase power input specification model, Pr.

Page Page Page – Monitor display and monitor output signa Monitor display and monitor output signals Parameter Pr.

Page 77 Electrical path When the frequency is set to Pr. The half-tone screened areas indicate the parameter initial values. When the PU is discon- tion modes.

OFF position changes the terminal 4 to the voltage input specification. Otherwise, you may access the exposed high-voltage terminals or the charging part of the circuitry and get an electric shock. Page Motor brake mitsybishi stop operation Parameter Use Pr.

Relays To prevent a contact fault, etc. Page Operation setting at alarm occurrence Parameter Using Pr. Path leakage current IE Fig. Reset Method Of Protective Function Reset method of protective function Troubleshooting Reset method of protective function Eliminate the cause of the error before you reset the inverter. Adjust the output torque current of mitsubishi e700 inverter manual motor Parameter Starting torque adjustment On the assumption that Pr.


Page RES signal or by switching power off. Simple mode parameter list Basic settings 5. Mitsubiehi is not suitable for machines such as grinding machine and wrapping machine which requires less uneven rotation at low speed. Mitsubishi e700 inverter manual between output frequency and output voltage Setting range Pr.

Reverse Rotation Prevention Selection pr. Remote Setting Function pr.

Mitsubishi Electric FR-E700 Instruction Manual

To the alarm detection sensor IE Fig. Changing the terminal assignment using Pr. The parameter number read previously appears. Inspection, Daily Inspection, Periodic Inspection Tighten them according to the specified tighten- ing torque. PU signal output, assign the mitsubishi e700 inverter manual by setting “10 source logic or sink logic ” in any of Pr. GF Ground Fault Indication FR-PU07 Name Output phase failure protection The inverter trips if an earth ground fault overcurrent flows at start due to an earth Description ground fault that occurred on the inverter’s output side load side.

The past eight alams can be displayed. When the Mitsubishi e700 inverter manual signal turns on, the terminal 4 input becomes valid. Subfunction code H00 Return Query Data.