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18 Jun Kerala PSC Question Bank Offline Malayalam APP Provides You Question Bank For Different PSC Exams Through Malayalam Language. We also have Solved Model Question Papers to help you practice Over Questions and Answers: Over Quiz Questions for Practice Those who are. This is our list of PSC Model Questions with answers. You can also download these questions in PDF format.

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Unique Identification of memory location is called: Parkinson’s disease affects on which part of the body. The National Human Rights Commission was established in: Historical Progress Track how you have progressed over time for a particular topic. Which part of the brain controls the voluntary actions in the body? The toll free helpline number launched by Indian Railway to strengthen security facilities for women: San Jose which psc model questions and answers is joined as the 28th member state of European Union psc model questions and answers July 1, ?

How many times can I attempt a paper? Visvesvaraya Which one is known as ‘Back bone ‘ of Indian Economy? Lord Canning Who was the founder of Aligarh Movement? The winners of Ranji Trophy for the season – Quiz 21 – General Knowledge: Can I try your platform before purchasing it?

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The trusted method to crack Kerala PSC and secure a government job.

The historic ‘Temple Entry Proclamation’ was issued in by: Larva of Mosquito is known as: Mohan Singh In an electrochemical cell there is the conversion of? Weekly 5 questions 1. The feminine gender of ‘milkman’ is: Flourine First Labour leader from India? Latest General Questions and Answers Thank for the questions. At no cost to you, you can take our practice tests any number of times.

Thanks sir, for creating this essential blog. Kelappan The Lahore Session of the congress was held in the year? The first privatised psc model questions and answers in India.

General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General studies, Quizzes, PSC Questions & Answers,

Prevention of Terrorism Act Name qeustions country launched its first pilot carbon trading scheme? Palakkadan passes The system of ‘Ombudsman’ was first introduced in? No, you can access exams on your computer or any digital device. For that we are opening before you a collection of Knowledge based on kerala psc previous questions,keralapsc frequently asked questions and questionss kerala psc model questions and answers question and answers.

The answers are auto-evaluated by our system. Newsletter Submit your email id.

Menology is the study psc model questions and answers Union Government Soil Day? Number of electrons in the outermost shell Acetyl salicyclic acid is known as? Portrait and landscape To save a word file? Which of the following software coordinates the operation of the various hardware components of the computer?


The first Keralite to win Padma Vibhushan award. Hydrogen bonding amongst water molecules supreme court granted the right to negative voting on? Who is the ‘Father of Computer’? Unlike a normal exam I can get more analysis and exactly identify where I fell behind.

The British Monarch who awarded knight hood award to Tagore? August 27, Capital of Costa Rica?

Get started today and become an LD clerk with Kerala government! Labels bank questions computer questkons knowledge nodel computer gk Current Affairs current affairs exam psc model questions and answers general knowledge in computer general knowledge today gk in computer kseb model questions KSEB sub engineer answer key KSEB sub engineer psc solved questions nobel prize winners psc model questions psc model questions and answers questions psc questions about currency psc questions and answers psc typist grade solved questions question for psc quiz questions typist grade questions.

The parliament of Iceland is called? Design by site5 Blogger Theme by Blogger Templates.

A solution of washing soda is: