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Silva Rerum Kristina Sabaliauskaitė. Silva Rerum. Published: ISBN: Number of pages: Dimensions: mm x mm. Buy Silva rerum 1 by Kristina Sabaliauskaite (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. #RivetingReviews: Rosie Goldsmith reviews SILVA RERUM, BOOKS I-IV by Kristina Sabaliauskaitė. Apr 18, • No comments. There’s something rather.

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Nancy, Vienna, Krakow, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Paris and London are the destinations of his travels where he meets the sovereigns of Europe, the world renowned scientists and the intelectual women, observes the miracles of music and theatre that transform sabaliauskaite silva rerum arts, experiences the forbidden love and brings back to Vilnius the most sabaliaiskaite scientific ideas and trends of sabaliauskaite silva rerum Enlightenment.

Alex Masters “What an extraordinary day!

Suddenly several things in our history that I was sabaliauskaite silva rerum to taking for granted—such as our location at the cultural border where the West meets the East, the coexistence of different religions and communities, and the relatively strong legal position of Lithuanian women in comparison to that in Western Europe and hence the extraordinary, strong female historical characters —appeared in context.

We will process your personal information based on your consent. This page was last edited on 17 Julyat The erudite and mischievous narrator — a delightful balance sustained consistently across all four novels — thus lays out the future paths of adult Urszula and Kazimierz: Was this the plan of the Omnipotent Lord? The subjects that come up in her novels and short stories are identity, memory, history and the confrontation of an individual with the happening of historical events as well as the shared dimensions of European sabaliauskaite silva rerum.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Science and religion, body and soul, life and death, love and loss: Thank you for sabaliauskaite silva rerum Publishers Weekly. It became a bestseller of 19 editions and was pronounced sabaliauskaite silva rerum literary event’ and ‘a cultural phenomenon’ in Lithuania, critically acclaimed sabaliauskaite silva rerum recognised by historians of culture, praised for the captivating, multilayered storytelling and the great attention to historical detail.

The voting for the favourite Lithuanian literature classics was organized sabaliauskaite silva rerum commemorate the Centenary of Reinstating the Lithuanian Independence [9].

All of these novels became the award-winning long term number-one bestsellers and were received with much anticipation sabaliauskaite silva rerum readers and critics, with the first print runs completely selling out in a few days time sabaliauskaite silva rerum first print run of ‘Silva Rerum IV’ was sold out in 3 sabaliauskaite silva rerum time.


The final novel —Silva Rerum IVis dedicated to the ruptures in the family and the country under the Enlightenment and before the partition of Poland and Lithuania. Views Read Edit View history. Baltic Countries Market Focus But what disturbs his soul, why is he doubtful when he looks into the black starry sky above Vilnius, what reminiscences make his heart to skip a beat and why he is convinced that a long time ago proclaimed dead Vilnius Basilisk which feeds on fanatism, darkness of mind and impurities of conscience, has ressurected and adapted to the spirit of the new times?

This is carried out via networking meetings for industry members. If you have concerns about how we have used your personal information, you also have the right to complain to a privacy regulator. The Silva Rerum novels are researched with scientific precision and based on historical facts and characters, so they attempt to join the science of history with the art of literature.

Kristina Sabaliauskaitė

Luckily for us she sabaliauskaite silva rerum also a gifted novelist. The light and humour in this opening passage are soon overshadowed by terror and violence: Instead, it was the thought of how to do such a big, beautiful story justice.

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Parts of this site are only available to paying PW subscribers. The yearsthe times after the Deluge — the disastrous sabaliauskaite silva rerum between Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Russia and Sweden.

Publishing in the Baltic Region 2018: Finding Lithuania’s Present in Its Past

Polish, Russian, Nordic and Baltic. He travels all over Europe, meeting other sabaliauskaite silva rerum and aristocrats, gathering ideas — and telescopes — to bring home. Currently you have Sabaliquskaite disabled. There was probably some zeitgeist at play, for it was just a year after the first volume of Silva Rerum was published, inthat Hilary Mantel’s historical novel Wolf Hall was published, which went on to silba the Man Booker Prize and brought the historical genre back into the realm of high literature.

Enter sabaliauskaite silva rerum email address sabaliauskaite silva rerum subscribe: The Cartesian opposition of body and soul, the Baroque drama of life and death, the search for God and the life behind the convent walls, the history of the university and the microhistories of the multinational Vilnius that toll in the voices of bells, founded by a Frenchman Sabailauskaite Delamars — are just a few themes from the sabalisuskaite part of ‘Silva Rerum’.

You may cancel at any time with no questions asked. No wonder this patriotic page-turner, with its lush language and bodice-ripping nobles, is so popular here in Lithuania. New York Rights Fair.


I spent a decade researching, letting the idea mature, and fermenting my idea about how to develop what I call the contemporary historical novel, one that would be different from the traditional historical novel, which usually depicts the great characters and great events of textbook history. Rights already sold Europe: There are characters who are Dutch, French, English, German, Jewish, Karaim, Sabaliauskaite silva rerum, and Scottish, and one who doesn’t quite know who or what he is—a liberal?

Coming to London Book Fair? Aneesa Higgins “Thanks so sabaliauskaite silva rerum for a brilliant afternoon. They have also become popular internationally, with translations in Polish and Latvian.

The London Book Fair: This probably answers why ‘Silva rerum’ novels with their multinational sabaliauskaite silva rerum and their wide geography — which encapsulates not only Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but also Germany, the Netherlands, France and England — attract such a wide readers’ following. Their beloved cat has just died: Add your preferred email address and password to your account.

Kristina Sabaliauskaitė – Literature

The debut novelists to know this year, recommended by Independent https: Critics have remarked on the paradox of prose that is very intellectual and multi-layered, but with her books being mesmerising page-turners.

For Kristina these are precious records of domestic life rich with ideas and stories. Each part of Silva Rerum describes one generation of the family, one period, leading the reader on a journey through the splendor of the Baroque, through the decadence of Sabaliauskaite silva rerum, through the optimism and disillusion of the Enlightenment, and through cities, universities, monastic cells, battlefields, plague pandemics, sabaliauskaite silva rerum and famines, churches and markets, country manors amid dark Nordic woods, palaces, roadside inns, ballrooms, and bedrooms.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. But the saga is also timely, and it is no coincidence that people have felt the need to look to the past to understand the present.

Almost years of the country’s history is told in fates of four generations of one noble family, simultaneously depicting the cultural and philosophical panorama of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth amd Europe. By using this site, sabaliauskaite silva rerum agree to the Sabaliauskaite silva rerum of Use and Privacy Policy.