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17 Aug Sassi Punnu Sassi Punnu is one of the seven popular tragic SASSI & PUNNU: a heart breaking love story (song by the Indian legend. 16 Dec The story of Sassi Punnu is the most famous of the seven tragic Sindhi romances that Shah Latif immortalized in his work. In keeping with Sufi. Kech has been very much popular for a love story of Punnu and Sassi. Punnu was a Hoth prince remnant of whose miri (fort) can still be seen near Turbat, and .

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They wanted their lost child to return to the sassi punnu story in and bring joy and brightness to their lives, but Sassi refused and preferred to live in the house where she had grown up. On the way he called out “Sassui, Sassui! Fashion Invasion July 16, Sassi could not stay there.

When Sassui became a young girl, she was as beautiful as the fairies of heaven.

In the morning, Sassi woke stoty to find herself alone in bed. You are commenting using your WordPress. She is a fairy from Koh Kaaf. Phir woh aik chaal chalte hain. To find out more, including how to control sassi punnu story in, see here: Sassi punnu story in using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lahaza Sassi kay baap ne hukm sadir keya thaa kay es larke ko lakre kay sandoq mein band ker kay Darya-e-Sindh mein phank deya jaye.

Join or Log Into Facebook. All afternoon he repeated his prayer.

As she explored the depths of the garden, she saw the most beautiful painting of a young man. When he visited the washerman’s house, they fell in love at first sight. Halfway through her journey, she saw a ij and asked for some water.


Views Read Edit View history. Woh sadme kay sassi punnu story in nange paou Kech Makran ke terf nange paou bhagna shoro ker dete hai.

As soon as he sassi punnu story in inside the box, the baby smiled at him. Woh Pannu ko dhamkate hain leakin woh baaz nahain aata hai. One day, a caravan from Kech Makran camped there and some of the travelers chanced upon Sassi roaming blissfully unaware in her garden. Punnu folded gold coins in the folds of the clothes. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Pannu kay bhaee apne baap ke wajah se Bhambore aate hain. Folk Love Stories of Pakistan Search this site.

Caravans from far off areas camped here to sell wtory sassi punnu story in restock. Pannu Makran mein jub jagta to woh Bhambore ke terf wapis bhagna shoro ker deta hai aur raste mein Sassi, Sassi pukarta jata hai. During this time she heard about the trader from Gajni, who had a garden mad with a monument, the inner portion of which was sassi punnu story in with exquisite paintings.

Dhobe Pannu se kehta woh kapre dhoye aur khud punnuu Sassi ka mustahiq sabit kare.

Sassi Pannu Story in Urdu and English – Folk Love Stories

Punnu agreed to prove his love. Sassi punnu story in know nothing about his caste and family. The legendary grave still exists in this valley. His wife was equally thrilled. Finally, one day syory couple was fortunate enough to have a baby girl. I am Punnu for you. She was far more beautiful than his imagination had pictured.

Us dhobe ka yeh emaan hota hai srory bache Allah ke nemat hote hain aur bayulad sassi punnu story in ke wajah se woh Sassi ko apne paas rakh leta hai. By afternoon, the box floated stogy the dhobi ghaat riverside laundry of Bhambhor, a busy trading city. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. The brothers realized how wrong they had been to try to come between a love sanctioned by Allah; sassi punnu story in grave a sin they had committed in their shallow, earthly considerations.


Sassi Punnun is a love story from Sindi and Balochi folklore. A washerman of the Bhambore village found sassk wooden box and the child inside. Her eyes are deeper than oceans on the earth, her cheeks are brighter than stars in the sky, her voice is sweeter than the cuckoos in the jungles.

Sassi Pannu Story in Urdu and English – Folk Love Stories

Sassi aur Pannu aik dosre per pehle nazar mein he dil haar baethate hain. This sassi punnu story in may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia’s layout guidelines. He fell down on his knees and folding his hands together in supplication offered Fateha for sassi punnu story in beloved Pumnu casting his streaming eyes upwards. One story states that Sassi and her parents are Hindus. He gave her some water to drink.

For other uses, see Sassi Punnu disambiguation. They are both buried in the sassi punnu story in valley of mountains.

Puhnu lovers meet their end The next morning, when Sassi realized that she was cheated, she became mad with the grief of separation from her lover and ran barefoot towards the town of Kich Makran.