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12 Oct Hello Friends, Any idea when solution Manager training materials (SM, SM) and trainings will be available?Thanks and Regards,Abhijeet Rathi. Goals. Describe the various elements of Service Desk and Change Request Management as part of SAP Solution Manager; Configure the SAP standard. SM Version – SAP Solution Manager Service Desk 2 – days; SM Version – SAP Solution Manager Change Request Management 3-days .

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If you don’t catch me during the day, feel free to invite me for dinner or a nice reception.

E2E business process will be used to document across systems. ASUG would welcome your submission. When working with the Diagnostics scenario in the Solution Manager, We must be very careful about soluton Introscope Enterprise Manager and always keep an eye on it to ensure the data collection is working well.

Solution Manager Training

Implementing BPM will help in protecting your initial investment by stabilizing your system faster. This is important if you want minimal disruption in your SAP link! When your ticket is productive, you will simply need to make your maintenance documentation productive. Roundtable 13 Session ID: Migration check report will be sent from Solution Manager to the recipients mentioned in the procedure.


SAP is simply using the graphic libraries, so we shouldn’t expect the functionalities of the tool. You or whoever managing your saprouter may have received the following advisory already. Because my Microsoft Office version was not recent enough to properly leverage Analysis Office and I didn’t have any publishing platform available on short notice.

For the changes to be seen in the notification triggered from Auto-notification and to see these texts in the alert inbox, when an alert is triggered for this MO.

There are lot of customers where this requirement pops up so I thought may be I will share the simple steps to achieve this requirement without any development ABAP effort. Select the new Attribute and assign the new structure selecting All Fields… When you view the fields assigned, all of the fields in the structure should be displayed. The exception in Bex Query Designer is hard to leverage for building the graph in Excel. Shamantha researched this and got back to me with the help the next day.

Change this if required by double-clicking the expression on the “Initial Value” tab. We could see this coming.

SCN : Blog List – SAP Solution Manager

Right now, we’re releasing it under version 1. Since two Text Elements now exist, you need to add msnager to determine with each will be used.


In this version we’ve added 5 main checks to be performed over the perflog file, which are the following: Claim or contact us about janager channel. Creating custom fields to appear in the mail form 2. All screen shots are from 7. The EM Perflog Analyzer tool performs a series of checks in this file and provides recommendations accordingly. I think I covered everything. It helps you jumpstart your documentation in the less painful way possible.

Fields are now display only when in status ‘To Be Approved; Subsequent stpes provides options to launch the job log in the managed system. It’s not as difficult as it looks.

They get introduced to make logical components management easier and avoid redundancy of documentation. Entry point to the s200 from Technical monitoring workcenter In Job Moniotring, move to step 4, define scope.

Instead it is visible through support package stack application instead in a nutshell, screenshots below. Select the Attribute Context that will be used to determine the condition.

Solution Manager 7.2 Training

What should we expect exactly? Business Process Hierarchy with unlimited levels In 7. Create a BADI to populate the fields 4.