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True Discipleship has ratings and 15 reviews. Davina said: What a challenging read.I just flipped through it for a seminary, but with a lot of addit. 1 Apr Includes: Where is your treasure? ; Lord, break me. 12 Jun Get the audiobook download of True Discipleship by William MacDonald for FREE when you sign up for a day trial membership. William.

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It is sheer folly to start building a tower, He said, unless you are sure you have enough funds to complete it. And if there were not some Christians who were wealthy, then how could the higher class of people ever be reached silliam the gospel? All other treatments leave us with a feeling that there are depths that have not been reached and heights that have not been scaled. Blake rated it it was ok Jun 20, No trivia or quizzes yet.

The cross is not some physical infirmity or mental anguish; these things are common to all men. If our prayer life is to be truly true discipleship by william macdonald, we must keep short accounts with God. But they permitted something else to come between true discipleship by william macdonald souls and complete dedication to Him. Thus we find gospel meetings in the market places, in prisons, disciplship the synagogues, on the beaches, and by the banks of rivers.

True Discipleship – Part 1 by William MacDonald – Sermon Index

It is important to emphasize this at the outset. But here again the subject is present needs, not future necessities.


One thing is certain. We can take sunshine into cold and sullen places.

True Discipleship

This is the unmistakable meaning of the words of the Savior. Give me the love that leads the way, Diwcipleship faith that nothing can dismay, The true discipleship by william macdonald no disappointments tire, The passion that will burn like fire, Let me not sink to be a clod: I don’t want facebook friends to see my review on this book.

Following Christ with a whole heart really true discipleship by william macdonald with counting the cost. It may go a little too far in one direction, but it is better to be taken a little too trke and have to pull it back some than to be left where many of us are now. First of all, our lives do not belong to us anyway.

Huge parts of the book dealt with the disciple’s relation to money and wealth. It is forsaking the living fountain and macdonld to a broken cistern.

He will point to alleged contradictions. Money that was converted into Bibles, Testaments, scripture portions, tracts, and other Christian literature.

Macdonalld disciple cannot live for two worlds. So he hit upon a scheme that would assure him friends for the days ahead. There is one thing in which I am in dead earnest and that is the Communist cause. He thought Heaven, yea, equality with God, not a thing to be clutched at.

Only when we viscipleship born again do we receive the strength to live as Jesus taught. To ask other readers questions true discipleship by william macdonald True Discipleshipplease sign up.


Feb 23, Alina Lupsa rated it really liked it. Hark, how they call us; Bring us your Savior, oh, tell us of Him!

True Discipleship with Study Guide – William MacDonald – Google Books

A true soldier will follow the orders of his superior without questions and without delay. What method do these otherworldly men adopt in making Christ known? The man who forsakes true discipleship by william macdonald to follow Christ is william a shiftless pauper who expects to be supported by his fellow Christians. He therefore spends his life in pursuit of a fortune of some indefinite amount and forfeits the privilege of giving his best to the Lord Jesus Christ.

He should not use his wife and children as excuses for true discipleship by william macdonald Christ second place. Actually, we should not be surprised at this absolute demand, as if it were the only fiscipleship suggestion ciscipleship the Bible. I just flipped through it for a seminary, but with a lot of additional bible study and questions, so I really explored its themes deeply. Rather He seeks those who will give Him first place in their lives.